The history of the pizza is bound at the consumption of the bread for part of the humanity. At the ancient Egypt at discovering the yeast commence at preparing a species of breads with the form and the colour of the sun, with flour, water and honey. At the ancient Greece this bread went evolving and appended him grease, species, garlic and onion. At Dario’s epoch And the Big the Persian soldiers posed him at the bread cheese was and dàtils. In Italy met as a “pizza bianca” elaborated with bread, grease, herbs, garlic, onion, olives… the available ingredients at most of the humble homes, was a dish near at hand of most.

With the arrival of the tomato at Europa from America, this dish gave an unexpected twist. It hears in Naples at the 16th century when commenced at consuming the tomatoes as a aliment whereas at Europa’s rest did not consume until the 18th century.

At the beggining the tomato considered venomous and only utilised at the gardening at decorative way, was not contemplated as a aliment, until a day a Neapolitan farmer for his necessity of meal, accompanied his bread of a tomato and enchanted him, at surviving raced the voice and from seeds the Neapolitan humble persons commenced at eating the tomatoes with his dry breads. Converting this combination of bread with tomato at a very dear dish at the region of Naples. At the being a dish consumed predominately for the humble persons, most did not possess an own oven for the that prepared the mass at his houses and spent it at the baker for enfornar-the. In the course of time, because of his big demand, the pizzers Neapolitan create his own guild, parted of the classical bakers, preparing they same the mass and baking, returning a very popular dish among the persons that spent it at his house or ate it at the street, appearing also roving sellers of this rich manjar.

It is at the 17th century in Italy, concretely in Naples, when appears the pizza as a popular dish as we meet it nowadays.

It opens the first pizzeria the year 1830 “Port’ Alba”, at which foreshadowed little future and nevertheless tracks opened hitherto at day.

Raffaele Espósito, a known pizzer of Naples of that epoch, owner of the pizzeria “Pietro ilPizzaiolo”, that today meet under the name of “Pizzeria Brandi”, in June of 1889 goes being the attendant to elaborate some pizzas for the Italian kings, Don Umberto And and DonyaMargarita of Savoya, that found in Naples and goes the ones antullar prove this as famed dish that it consumed the humble persons of the city, soliciting that the spent at the real residence. Raffaele Espósito futile baking and routed at his majesties three different pizzas: the first, “Mastunicola”, elaborated with lard of pork, cheese and basil; the second, nicknamed “Marinés”, seasoned with garlic, oil and tomatoes; and the third, that designated “Monarch” with which wanted to honour at the kings drawing the colours of the Italian national flag (green, white and red) with the ingredients basil, cheese mozzarella and tomatoes. Resulting this last being the preferred of the queen, thus it goes being renamed by Raffaele Espósito as a “Pizza Margarita”.

From this moment all wanted to prove the pizza preferred of the queen, thus it extended for all Italy apace converting at the gastronomic symbol of continuum the country and at an element unifier since continuums since the queen until the humblest farmer could eat it.

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